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*See more details below at the bottom of this page
*You will get a confirmation email if you have successfully booked a class

Feel the heat of the glass furnace, shape the glass with tools, and learn how to make a glass flower or paperweight!

  • Register each class participant individually to reserve each spot as classes are limited.

  • Classes are for ages 12 and up.  Persons under 18 will need a guardian present. 

  • Have a larger group or people younger than 12 years old?  That's probably okay! Check out the Class Policies/FAQ page for more details and how to still participate. Contact with questions and we may be able to accommodate.

  • Limited times available (Fri-Sat afternoons).  Don't see a time that works on the online booking calendar? Email as additional times may be able to be added to accommodate your request.

  • Each person will be taken through the steps of making a flower or paperweight and then using the tools of the hot shop, you will manipulate the glass to the desired shape.  Items will need to cool, so they can be picked up the next day, at a later date, or shipped for an additional cost.

  • Flower classes allow you to feel and learn more about how hot glass moves to shape it into your desired form.  Paperweight classes allow you to use more tools and spend more time reheating, shaping the glass to the desired shape as well as use more glass which makes the class cost slightly more.  Both classes are equally fun, challenging, and different!

  • Safety glasses/glasses (extra pairs are available in the studio if you don't have any) and closed-toe shoes are required while in the studio, cotton clothing is recommended.  Classes are non-refundable (minus a few exceptions).  Refer to the Class Policies/FAQ page for more details and please read them prior to booking or attending a class.  There you will also find the liability waiver to print off and bring to class (additional copies available at the studio).  The hot shop studio is located in Washburn, WI in the township of Bayview.  Specific address provided during booking.

  • Double check that you receive a confirmation EMAIL after booking to ensure you completed all necessary steps properly and that you are actually booked for a class time.  You also should have pre-paid while booking using your credit card/PayPal. If you do not receive a confirmation or did not pre-pay, you missed a step and did not book a class. Questions if it went through?  Email to confirm if needed.

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