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Wedding Glass

Custom hand-blown glass is a wonderful and unique addition to your special day!  Scarlet Fire Glassworks offers Unity Glass and Glass Flowers - learn more about each below:

Unity Glass ceremony example

Unity Ceremony Glass

One-of-a-kind glass items made with colored glass pieces used during your wedding unity ceremony

Start with separate colors of glass frit and they are then poured together during your ceremony as a symbol of unity and forever togetherness.  Great for couples and also for those who have blended families.

How it works:

  • Pick 2 glass colors (email your color palette and then you will be sent specific color options to choose from).  More than 2 glass colors can also be requested if needed for including other family members in your unity ceremony. 

  • You will pick up your bags of tiny glass color pieces (also known as glass frit) in downtown Washburn (123 W. Bayfield St.), will be approximately ½-3/4 cup each, and the glass frit pieces are a size that is a little larger than sand.  Mailing the glass frit is also an option for an additional cost.  Clear vessels used during your ceremony are not included.

  • Once you have completed your ceremony, you will drop off your bag of combined glass frit in downtown Washburn (or mail it) which will then be used to create your one-of-a-kind unity ceremony glass items.

  • Choose item(s) listed below to be made with your glass color unity mixture:

    • Small Vase: $70

    • Flower: $30

    • Paperweight/glass orb (you choose style): $65

    • Ornament: $45

    • Tea light candle holder: $50

    • Wine Cup: $65

    • Bird: $45

  • Allow 4 wks for completion of your items. You will be notified by email when they are ready to be picked up in downtown Washburn.  Pick up in Duluth, MN may also be able to be arranged.  Shipping is available for an additional cost. 50% deposit due at time of order and remaining balance due at time of item pick up.

  • To start order, send an email to

Glass flower bouquet

Wedding Flowers

Glass flowers are a beautiful addition to your wedding!  Use to decorate bouquets and/or centerpieces.  Give them as bridal party gifts, gifts for special family members, or keep them for yourself as a long-lasting memento of your day.

$25 per flower, contact regarding flower color requests.  Additional cost per flower may be needed to accommodate for certain colors.

Flower pick up in Washburn, WI or Duluth, MN.  Shipping available for an additional cost.  Send an email to to get your order started!

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